Why study Culinary Arts in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a leading country in culinary arts training, it is mentioned as the “big man” in the creation of famous chefs. If you want to be like them, then choose to study in Switzerland specializing in food.

Why study in Switzerland in Culinary Arts

Studying in Switzerland for Culinary Arts is the perfect choice for you, as it is a multicultural country. And it is this diversity in Swiss culture that partly affects national cuisine.

Swiss cuisine is a mix of many culinary features typical of European countries. This has contributed to the brand of the taste of the country’s “white cross”. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when this place turns food into the strength of Swiss education.

When studying in Switzerland, you will be trained extremely well. You will receive the most special features in the way of processing and flavoring the dish. Not only that, the value of culinary schools in Switzerland also aims to train students with the skills necessary to operate a European-style kitchen, especially Italy and France.

Students have the opportunity to learn about European culinary arts traditions and philosophies. At the same time, students will also learn about the development trends of world cuisine.

Lecturers with many years of experience in the profession, working in restaurants will help you learn many useful things about working style as a real chef.

Not only that, studying in Switzerland in the culinary industry, you also have the opportunity to practice paid internship with “income” ranging from 2,168 to 2,450 CHF/ month.

2 prestigious culinary schools in Switzerland

HTMi Academy and Culinary Art Academy are two prestigious culinary arts schools in Switzerland.

HTMi Academy

HTMi Academy was established a long time ago, with a wealth of experience in the field of culinary training.

Why say you should study in Switzerland in Food at HTMi Academy, for the following reasons:

State-of-the-art facilities

Facilities at HTMi Academy are extremely modern, meeting international standards, meeting the learning, practice and accommodation of students.

The university builds hotel rooms, receptions, banquet restaurants for events, fine dining restaurants, coffee shops, bars, international kitchen systems, swimming pools to help students learn and practice,… creating a learning space close to reality.

Not only that, the university also gives Ipads to students when enrolling.

Quality training program

The University program will take approximately 3 years including 4 semesters and 2 paid internships. This is a condition for international students who have mastered theoretical knowledge and have a lot of time to practice practical skills.

Graduates of the bachelor’s degree will receive 2 degrees: Bachelor of International Hospitality and Tourism Management from Ulster University UK, Bachelor of Hospitality and Event Management and Bachelor of Culinary Arts from HTMi Academy, Switzerland.

In addition, there is a Post Graduate, Master – Graduate program divided into two parts:

– After university, it will take about 1 year including theoretical study for 20 weeks and paid internship for 20 to 24 weeks.

– Master/MBA study time and number of lessons just like after university.

High job opportunities

Career opportunities for international students here are quite high. HTMi students have swiss touches hotel system. In addition, the university also links with many famous 4 to 5 star hotel restaurants: Hilton worldwide, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts, Hyatt, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Amari Hotels & Resorts, Accord Sofitel … internships.

This is an opportunity that HTMi offers to students, helping them to create and maintain relationships with employers. This is also the time to help students assert themselves as a “springboard” when graduation is finished can continue to work, improve their position at the internship facility.

Học viện Culinary Art Academy

The CAA Academy is located in the heart of Europe, founded in 2006 and part of the César Ritz University. The university has two campuses located in great locations: Lucerne City Centre – a world-famous tourist destination and Le Bouveret.

The university helps students have valuable practical experiences and knowledge with 12 months of professional internship. You will be made in a professional environment of culinary industry and hospitality services of high-end corporations: Disneyland Paris, Hilton, BHIP, Marriott,…

CAA Academy is a great choice for you, for the following reasons:

The university has a great culinary tradition.
Kitchen and advanced facilities for training.
Advanced training and management methods.
The Culinary Arts Academy is located right in the heart of Europe – there is a diversity of cultures and languages (German, French, Italian), which facilitates students to expand their understanding and cultural exchange.
The classes are small in size, students easily exchange directly, practice under the dedicated guidance of the prestigious instructors.
Internships in fine restaurants, hotels, Swiss standards Are closely linked to the University of Derby – The UK’s Top 10 Best Hospitality and Tourism Schools

With the above sharing, studying in Switzerland specializing in Food will be the turning point to help you succeed.

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