What are the strengths to choose when studying in Switzerland?

Did you know in the 2020 rankings published by Educations Media Group. Switzerland is honored to rank 4th out of 10 best points for studying for international students.

The survey was adopted and consulted from more than 30,000 international students. In which you evaluate according to the following 7 criteria:

Students are satisfied with their post-graduation career goals
Students are satisfied with their own development
Students happy to experience new cultures and education
Students appreciate high quality education and unique teaching methods
Students appreciate the language while studying here (in Switzerland you can use 3 languages: English, German, French)
Students experience a worthwhile academic and career adventure
Students can expand their network of relationships and career connections.

It can be seen that studying in Switzerland in the near future will be the dream and goal of any international student.

1, Why study in Switzerland 2021?

A prosperous, politically neutral country. The country is safe in the eyes of international visitors and international students. What are the reasons why you are conquered by the curriculum here?

Rich country, high quality of life

Switzerland stands outside all wars and disputes. Typical of economic models when focusing on service development with very high added value.

Switzerland’s GDP per person reaches more than $58,000, ranked in the top 10 countries with the highest GDP in the world. The country’s annual export turnover reached a high with a total value of 208.3 billion francs (equivalent to 224 billion USD).

What is the quality of education in Switzerland

Although the training disciplines in Switzerland are not as diverse and strong as other countries. But key industries are extremely developed. Such as: hotel tourism, cuisine, international relations and banking finance.

In terms of training rankings, Switzerland has many schools in the TOP 10 -50 when training these disciplines in the world. Therefore, the number of Swiss international students is not high but always quality. And belonging to the wealthy class of many nations.

There is a paid internship program with income up to 55 million / month

With the strength of DLKS, Swiss students are not allowed to work overtime. But Swiss students in DLKS can still cover their lives easily. With a diversified and high-income internship program, with a 6-month model of 6 months of paid internship.

Freedom of travel, travel, job application and study in European countries

Switzerland is not part of the EU, but is part of the Schengen Area. It is a 25-year travel agreement signed in Europe.

Therefore, you can freely travel, travel, apply for jobs, study abroad in other countries after you have a visa to study in Switzerland. This is one of the advantages only students studying abroad in Europe can have.

Visa and swiss study abroad procedures are quite easy

Despite the good quality of training, the procedure for studying abroad in Switzerland is quite easy:

The rate of Visa to study in Switzerland is up to 100%.
No regional restrictions, not much impact by learning gaps and age.
Proving financial ease, simplicity is not complicated.
Do not require a high IELTS score of just 4.5 or higher.

2, What should I study in Switzerland?

With quality training, many Swiss scientists have been honored with the prestigious Nobel Prize. Including

Albert Einstein 2012
Scientists Vladimir Prelog, Heinrich Rohrer, Richard Ernst, Edmond Fischer, Rolf Zinkernagel and Kurt Wüthrich.

And Switzerland’s education is primarily focused on highly developed Swiss industries such as:

Hotel travel
Culinary arts
Banking and finance
International relations

3, What does DLKS study in Switzerland?

Did you know that Switzerland welcomes about 20 million tourists annually. With a hotel restaurant system up to 30,000 brought to the country more than 10 billion CHF per year.

Create jobs for more than 200,000 domestic and foreign workers operating in this field. Turn Switzerland into a popular tourist destination. And the average salary of this industry is among the highest in the world.

Switzerland has about 150,000 indigenous people working in the industry and 50,000 international workers.

With a long history of development of the hospitality industry. Switzerland is also home to many hotel corporations from 4 to 5 stars. Such as Kempinski Grand Hotel, Hotel Palafitte, InterContinental, Alpina Gstaad, Chedi Andermatt, Lodge Verbier, Dolder Grand…

It is also home to the world’s most Michelin-starred restaurants. And up to 70% of leaders from the top restaurants, hotels and resorts in the world. Owns at least 1 degree in DLKS industry in Switzerland.

Only that information can show you that the prosperity of the DLKS industry in Switzerland. It also has many of the world’s leading DLKS schools.

The world’s leading DLKS schools to choose when studying in Switzerland
HIM Academy
SHMS Academy
IHTTI Academy
César Ritz College
BHMS Academy
HTMi Academy

Training in the fields of hospitality management, tourism, events, spa & resort, design, business.

DLKS courses in Switzerland also require very flexible inputs. Designed according to route 6 + 6, i.e. 6 months of theoretical study alternating 6 months of practice, internship. The internship program is required for the minimum internship you receive per month of CHF 2,172.

Also the course input requirement is quite simple. If you graduate from another major, you can still study for a master’s degree here. Without having to spend as much time studying to redeem credits or re-learn from scratch as other disciplines.

4, What does studying in Switzerland study culinary arts?

As a country in Europe with the cultural intersection of many countries and territories. Switzerland speaks a variety of languages, including ethnic diversity and food culture.

According to Michelin Guide Switzerland 2018, there are 118 Michelin-starred restaurants. These have 3 3 Michelin-starred restaurants and 19 2 Michelin-starred restaurants.

That said, Swiss cuisine has risen to the level that few countries can reach.

Some schools with famous culinary arts are: CAA under SEG Group and BHMS Academy.

5, What does studying in Switzerland study banking and finance?

Besides a DLKS background and cuisine to be proud of. Switzerland is also the world’s No. 1 banking, monetary and banking economy.

If Wall Street is the U.S., Britain’s Lodon has a reputation as a global financial trading center. Most of the world’s money, gold, diamonds and foreign currency are hidden in Switzerland.

This comes from a politically neutral point of view and is always outside the wars. Plus top-of-the-line customer information care and security policies. Banks in Switzerland have always had a firm foothold no matter what happens in the world.

Good banking and finance schools in Switzerland, such as IFM University. It is one of the top 10 best business schools in Switzerland and the top 1% in the world.

The university focuses on developing career skills for students, helping you expand your career. 32% of the university’s alumni own their own business.

The university is located in Geneva, the world’s busiest banking and banking centre, one of the best places to live.

6, What does studying in Switzerland study international relations?

With the pursuit of neutral policies to strengthen national status on the world economic and political map. Switzerland was voted one of the happiest countries on the planet (according to World Happiness Report).

Also with such a political line. So Switzerland was chosen to take place global diplomatic activities such as the signing of the Geneva Conventions.

In addition to hotel banks, it is also home to global diplomatic centers. Includes the headquarters of many UN agencies and the Red Cross.

Good international relations schools in Switzerland must be mentioned as:

EU Business School
Geneva Business School
School of Economics and Political Science
UBIS – University of Business and International Studies Geneva,…

The above are 4 majors that attract a large number of international students studying in Switzerland. By top quality, reasonable cost of learning. To find out more information about the training program here, contact itva today!

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