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Egypt waved Tutankhamun’s treasures off on a globetrotting tour in 2018, declaring it the last time the pharaoh’s burial-booty would leave its shores. Want to gawk at ancient Egypt’s wealth in the future? You’ll need to visit Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). The year 2020 is set to be the date – inshallah (God willing) – this state-of-the-art museum in Giza throws open its doors. Head here to marvel at a mind-boggling collection in what will be the world’s largest museum entirely committed to one civilisation. For Red Sea and Luxor holidaymakers, a Pyramids and GEM add-on will also become a doddle with Giza’s newly inaugurated Sphinx Airport set to operate domestic flights.

The most magnificent ancient city of Egypt is Cairo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is no wonder that you can travel in Cairo, Egypt by a tour to the region.

Cairo’s place in history dates back more than three thousand years. But during this period, it was a flourishing city with many bustling activities. Today, a lot of people visit Cairo, Egypt and enjoy its beautiful and ancient architecture.

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There are many reasons why you should travel in Cairo, Egypt. These include the historical importance and many historical sites that it offers. You can also enjoy its restaurants, nightlife, museums, and shopping centers.

When you travel in Cairo, Egypt, you will see many of the buildings and monuments that have been standing for so long. You can also find some of the best museums of the world. You can also enjoy your stay in this ancient city. Here are some of the areas that you should check out while you travel in Cairo, Egypt.

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities – This museum is the largest and oldest in the country. The museum has several fascinating artifacts including an Egyptian sarcophagus and statues. This museum also offers a glimpse into the lives of the ancient Egyptians.

The Wonders of the Suez Canal – This isle is famous for its Seven Wonders of the World. The Grand Mosque is also one of the Seven Wonders of the World. You can also check out the small cemeteries and tombs of Egypt, such as the Queen of Sheba Museum.

Esam – This is the island where you can enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating activities. You can also enjoy life here by staying in Esam Hotels. Here, you can also experience Ayurveda.

Esam isn’t only an island. This is also an important city in Egypt where you can find cheap airfare to Cairo. Check out the hotels here to take advantage of the cheap airfare to Cairo.

Other than Esam, you can also explore different places in Egypt. Here are some of the places that you can visit. They include:

Khenuf- The region around Khenuf has a lot of water bodies that has different attractions. Here, you can have diving and other water activities. You can also find a temple that was constructed at this region.

Aswan-This is a region where you can visit different historical monuments and shrines. It is also home to some of the beaches in Egypt.

Hurghada-This is a resort that you can visit if you want to go to Esam and used, along with Esam. Here, you can experience hot resorts, the sea, and some of the best food in Egypt.


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