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Once capital of West Germany, Bonn slipped off the radar when Berlin reseized the reins in 1990. But it’s back in the spotlight with a cymbal roll in 2020, as the city gears up to mark Beethoven’s 250th birthday. What’s the score? Well, you can expect a year-round line-up of concerts drawing world-famous orchestras, soloists and conductors (among them Sir Simon Rattle and Daniel Barenboim). Theater Bonn is staging Fidelio, the composer’s only opera. Beyond this, there are installations and competitions tuning into Beethoven’s musical genius, picnic performances, and ‘home concerts’ where local musicians fling open their doors to the public.

The city of Bonn, Germany is well known for its architecture, as it was the site of the first cathedral in Europe. It has a rich history that dates back to the year 893, and the church still stands today.

If you are looking for a holiday home to stay in then you need to know about the city before choosing your accommodation. Travelling in Bonn will take you to many attractions that have been a part of history for centuries.

The city offers a lot of interesting attractions for travellers and there are plenty of high quality hotels and guest houses around. However, with so many tourists staying in hotels in this city, there are many cheap hotels that can be found in different areas.

A trip to Germany isn't complete without a visit to Bonn – one of ...

Bonn is also home to a number of theme parks, which make it popular for travellers and people staying in cheap hotels. The traditional fairs and other public celebrations that take place here are something to enjoy as well.

The River Burg serves as a popular tourist spot. Most visitors come here to catch a glimpse of the German St Michael, the patron saint of those in the military.

The Riverburg is considered the old town of Bonn. Visitors can try a day trip to take a tour of the Old Town, where many interesting buildings and old parts of the town can be seen.

A visit to the Fish’s Mouth Museum will take you on a trip through history and reveal the world of fairs and festivals. This museum houses some of the most popular exhibits from the past 500 years.

This museum showcases various species of animals and exhibits them in their natural habitats. The animals are well protected by strict laws in place to protect them from people who are not aware of their needs.

The theme park Viermoland is very popular, as it combines nature and entertainment. There are lots of rides and shows here to take in the day.

For entertainment you could also visit the Vier Sportpark which is home to the Viermoland Party Zoo. Here you can party until the early hours of the morning in the animal and entertainment section.

Festivals in this city are plentiful and include many outdoor concerts, family events and children’s activities. These will add to the fun you have while travelling in Bonn.

You can have an enjoyable holiday in this city of Bonn. The good weather conditions will enable you to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city whilst you are away.


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