Top 10 best computer science universities in the U.S.

MIT, Stanford University, University of California – Berkeley… are among the top 10 best computer science schools in the U.S.

The U.S. is a leading country in science and technology, especially computer science. The United States produces the world’s leading technology corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google … and Silicon Valley the cradle of computer science technology worldwide. It’s not hard to understand how many U.S. universities are world leaders in computer science and technology training.

Top 10 best computer science schools in the U.S. according to USNEWS rankings.

1. MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

2. Stanford University

3. University of California – Berkeley

4. Carnegie Mellon University

5. University of Illinois – Urbana – Champaign

6. Cornell University

7. University of Washington

8. Princeton University

9. Georgia Institute of Technology

10. University of Texas – Austin

In recent years, according to American Study statistics, more and more students have chosen “Computer Science” in the United States.

Why Computer Science has become a hot industry in recent years

What is computer science?

Computers are one of the indispensable components of modern life. From shopping to gaming and exercise, now every activity has its own app. All of those applications were created by computer science graduates. Whether you want to work for a large corporation in a position of network management, software design or become a future technology billionaire, a degree in Computer Science will open up a new world with many potentials and opportunities.

The U.S. is a leading country in science and technology, especially computer science.

Experts in the field of computer science are those who understand the fundamentals of programming and the use of algorithms to design software, systems and networks to meet the needs of customers and the public. This is a fast-growing field, professional requirements and always have high recruitment demand, continuously for talented students graduating in Computer Science. Most people in this field are satisfied with their jobs and high salaries. If you love solving problems, are capable of mathematics and logical thinking, owning a degree in Computer Science will be the beginning of a promising career.

The knowledge is equipped from the degree in computer science

Computer Science is structured according to increasing difficulty, starting by providing students with an overview of the fundamentals. In your first year of study, you can study subjects such as computer theory, pattern recognition, system and network theory, or machine learning. In addition, there are many subjects that help you understand how modern computers apply in society, or the history of the industry, or lessons on how businesses operating in the age of computer science evolve.

Many subjects require teamwork with other students to work on a project, some universities use their partners who are active in the field to give you the opportunity to reach out and work for a real-world client.

Computer Science is structured according to increasing difficulty.

In the next phase of the course, you will learn a combination of professional skills and transferable skills to become a prospect for future employers. More advanced subjects can be data structure or software engineering.

At the end of the program, many schools require students to apply what they have learned to carry out a final project (equivalent to the economics graduation thes). The same is for other majors in your chosen fields, and many universities will pair final-year computer science students with industry partners and researchers. In addition, students have the opportunity to do professional internships and work with industry-leading advisors in their final year.

What to study in high school if you want to study Computer Science?

If you want to study Computer Science at university, you have to be creative, diligent and good at math. Most universities want to recruit applicants with outstanding high scores in subjects such as Computer Science, Computing, Physics or Mathematics. Candidates with experience in this field will be given priority when applying.

Maybe you’ve created some simple programs using BASIC at home, or maybe you’ve been working on a mod for one of your favorite games. There are many resources available to programme programmes, and if you’re thinking of applying for a computer science degree, you should do so from the time you’re in high school. Other skills the admissions committee seeks include problem solving, logical thinking, attention to detail, ability to cope with deadline pressures, and teamwork skills.

What to do after graduating from Computer Science

Most businesses use computer systems to operate and especially many large companies own their own internal information technology experts. You may find yourself working in the IT department of large companies in the financial, medical, manufacturing, aerospace, defense or government institutions sectors. Many graduates can set up their own business, which can be a software developer, app creator or a game studio with AAA titles. You can also find a job with a dedicated IT consulting firm or IT service provider. In addition, excellent graduates will have the opportunity to work for big names such as Google, Cisco and IBM.

Becoming a talent in computer science can bring you successes that you did not expect yourself. Top banks and financial services companies often pay their computer professionals a six-figure salary to write code that helps them trade one step faster with rivals. National intelligence agencies are always looking for bright graduates to help them combat threats from cybercrime and terrorism. Computers are so popular in the modern world that the demand for graduates in this industry will constantly increase.

Celebrities studying computer science

You’ll definitely think of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg or Google CEO, but you’ll probably be surprised at other well-known names that have studied computer science. Jimmy Fallon – an American comedian and host of Saturday Night Live – studied Computer Science in New York before switching majors in his final year (he couldn’t do maths). Actor Liam Neeson, best known for his roles in Taken and Star Wars, also studied Computer Science in Belfast before becoming the world’s most formidable action hero.

Computer science is not a new field but the demand for personnel and potential is increasing as computers, the internet and information technology applications become increasingly popular. If you are passionate about mathematics and good logical thinking then Computer Science will be a potential major.

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