Reduce the cost of living while studying in Germany

Germany is one of the countries that bring many interesting things to Vietnamese students. So how to reduce the cost of studying in Germany with me through the article below.

Take advantage of travel expenses

This is one of the mandatory fixed costs in the monthly living of the students and almost all service providers have a book birth if you are a student. If you have to travel often, you need to learn carefully about this service and buy tickets monthly will save you a significant cost.

In addition, cycling in Germany is also very popular so if you are near school, also refer to cycling to school is both healthy and help you to set up a decent amount of travel fees. You can buy or rent services here yourself. These units offer reusable bicycles everywhere in the city so you can rent them at a fixed cost

Save on food costs

Cooking this item will save you some of the cost to ensure that nutritious food saves a livelihood for living. Food in convenience stores at affordable prices gives you peace of mind about quality

Effective personal finance management

Financial management is one of the most important skills but you have not learned how to manage and master your finance, there are now many applications to help you manage your monthly spending

To make sure your bank does not charge a monthly fee, you can refer to famous banks in Germany such as Commerzbank, Comdirectbank, Postbank,… These are all banks that are free to issue and use cards in Germany

Rent a house at a chestnut cost

The difficult thing for German students is to find a room. This is no stranger to international students. Usually the landlord may require you to deposit a fairly high cost before moving in. With room rates in big cities increasing, it is difficult for students to find a unit that offers affordable housing in a short time, but you have some points to keep in mind that the rental experience becomes more convenient and easy. To avoid depositing into the rent at a high cost you can buy insurance or a deposit at fintiba¬†unit.Just¬†spend a small cost you will not need to worry about this anymore. In addition, please thoroughly understand the service providers in the areas before choosing a house to rent so that you can choose to compare prices and associated costs such as Internet services, telecommunications,… and it is necessary to check that there may be incentives before signing the contract

Incentive programs

In Germany there are also student incentive programs, and service providers offer student connections so don’t miss out on your privileges. You can refer to some of the incentive programs for students

Amazon Prime is a first-year student priority program. You can freely watch movies and watch TV shows with Prime and get offers that can be dedicated to Amazon Premium accounts, and you can also refer to similar programs from Spotify, Apple Music and various platforms

The Payback Card is a refund card with a variety of affiliate programs with different brands and you will receive membership points at each daily transaction so you can take advantage to use it for the next time

Hope the above article gives you a lot of useful information

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