Differences between public and private schools when studying in Germany

What is the difference between attending a German university in a public and private school. Let’s learn about the differences between these two training systems.

The trend of studying abroad in Germany
Currently Germany is one of the countries known as the country has many top quality universities in the world in terms of prestige. According to the announcement at universities in Germany, the country has more than 12% of students in many countries come here to study

Universities in Germany often have training programs in the following four majors: research, engineering, applied sciences and the arts, film, music, and food,…

In Germany public schools are state universities and receive grants from states with more than 16 states or lands in which each region will be responsible for managing its own public universities.

The establishment and funding of public universities is a way for state governments to create a quality education for students wishing to study at The University and to have about 400 public universities and students accounting for about 95%

Private universities do not receive government funding, but instead they have financial autonomy and the freedom to set their tuition fees. There are currently about 120 universities in Germany and the quality of training is on par with that of public training schools in terms of quality for domestic and international students.

Public and private school differences
In Germany, the difference between public and private universities is in terms of tuition fees and admission criteria

Admission conditions

In terms of admission conditions, there is no difference between the two types of training and you need to go through the high school graduation exam to be considered with a total score of 6 subjects including 3 compulsory subjects and 3 subjects is a combination of over 36 points. There are no subjects below 4 points and at least subjects must have a score above 6. If you are a student from another country, you must be a graduate of formal high school programs in this country.

About tuition fees
Attending public schools in Germany will be less expensive than private universities in Germany because in Germany you have all public schools are 100% free of charge and when studying in private schools you need to pay tuition depending on the specific level of each school.

Job opportunities
When participating in German apprenticeship programs and private university training, the opportunity is supported by the government after graduation. Moreover, the training programs in private schools do not have a big difference in the way it comes from the attitude of students and qualifications in Germany you can use in many parts of the world so whether you study in public or private schools, employment in Europe or any country in the world accepts a university degree your education.

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