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Traveling to La Paz, Bolivia

Perhaps it’s the Jetsonian capsules gliding over La Paz along the world’s largest cable-car system that are the most obvious signs of its new-found ambition. There were just three lines in 2014, but there will be 11 in 2020. Down below, the once-drab city is racing towards a more

Travel in Cairo, Egypt

Egypt waved Tutankhamun’s treasures off on a globetrotting tour in 2018, declaring it the last time the pharaoh’s burial-booty would leave its shores. Want to gawk at ancient Egypt’s wealth in the future? You’ll need to visit Cairo’s Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM). The year 2020 is set to

Travel in Cape Winelands, South Africa and Its Costs

South Africa is a regular fixture in lists of places that offer a friendly exchange rate for those looking for world-class safaris and other wildlife spotting, but there’s much more to the country than Kruger and other reserves. A short journey from the fabulous food city of Cape Town is the country’s wine

Travel in Central Asian Silk Road

When you visit the countries of Central Asia, you will find that there are many ways to travel in Central Asian Silk Road. It is not easy traveling in Central Asia, especially during the hot seasons because of the weather and it is also more expensive than

Travel in Kvarner Gulf, Croatia

When you travel in Kvarner Gulf, Croatia you will be well served by the accommodations and services available. This vacation destination is located in the Trg Gorge, which offers breathtaking views of a sparkling blue Croatian Sea. Here you can enjoy exceptional accommodations, excellent facilities and exceptional