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Studying in the Netherlands in computer science

Studying computer science in the Netherlands – Top 5 “hot” disciplines in the 4.0 era According to the Future of Jobs report at the World Economic Forum 2016, computer science is in the top 5 “hot” sectors in the 4.0 era and is one of the areas

Top 10 best computer science universities in the U.S.

MIT, Stanford University, University of California – Berkeley… are among the top 10 best computer science schools in the U.S. The U.S. is a leading country in science and technology, especially computer science. The United States produces the world’s leading technology corporations such as Apple, Microsoft, Facebook,

Why study Culinary Arts in Switzerland?

Switzerland is a leading country in culinary arts training, it is mentioned as the “big man” in the creation of famous chefs. If you want to be like them, then choose to study in Switzerland specializing in food. Why study in Switzerland in Culinary Arts Studying in

What are the strengths to choose when studying in Switzerland?

Did you know in the 2020 rankings published by Educations Media Group. Switzerland is honored to rank 4th out of 10 best points for studying for international students. The survey was adopted and consulted from more than 30,000 international students. In which you evaluate according to the

Which city to study in Switzerland? Attractive destinations

For years, Switzerland has built its reputation in the education sector. Not only the quality of education, but each city has its own beauty with different styles. This article Review study abroad please answer to help you wonder which city to study in Switzerland. Why study in

Which country to study in Europe

Europe is not only famous for its strong economy, beautiful scenery but also for its quality education, application and creativity. So which country should I study in Europe? Let’s find the answer right in the article below. Compelling reasons to study in Europe High-class education In Europe,

Reduce the cost of living while studying in Germany

Germany is one of the countries that bring many interesting things to Vietnamese students. So how to reduce the cost of studying in Germany with me through the article below. Take advantage of travel expenses This is one of the mandatory fixed costs in the monthly living

Should you choose to study in Germany or go to university?

The choice of studying abroad programs or apprenticeship programs in Germany provides better employment opportunities for international students. If you are preparing to study abroad and are concerned with your options, the ACT below will analyze the opportunities to help you easily make your choices The choice